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The repertoire list is in alphabetical order.

Solo pieces are written in black, piano concertos in red and chamber music pieces in green.

If you want to play chamber music with me and you want to quickly check if I've already played your piece, use the function "find on page" of your browser and type the english abbreviation of your instrument (vl, vla, vlc, fl, cl, perc, pf 4 hands...)

Isaac Albeniz

I. Albeniz

  • El Corpus Christi en Sevilla (Iberia)

Valentin Alkan

C. V. Alkan

  • Etude op.39 n.3 (Scherzo Diabolico)

Johann Sebastian Bach

J. S. Bach

  • English Suite n.2 BWV 807

  • French Suite n.5 BWV 816

  • Partita n.3 BWV 827

  • The Well-Tempered Clavier

       I book: 1, 2, 4, 6, 15, 16, 20, 21

       II book: 6, 12, 24

  • Chromatic Fantasy and Fugue BWV 903

Bela Bartok

B. Bartok

  • Six Dances in Bulgarian Rhythm

  • Sonata for Two Pianos and Percussion Sz. 110 (perc, pf)

Ludwig Van Beethoven

L. van Beethoven

  • Sonata n.3 op.2

  • Sonata "Waldstein" n.21 op.53

  • Sonata n.27 op.90

  • Sonata n.28 op.101

  • Sonata n.30 op.109

  • Piano Concerto n.1 op.15

  • Cello Sonatas nn. 1, 2, 3 & 4 (vlc, pf)

  • Violin Sonatas nn. 1, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 8 (vl, pf)

  • Symphony n.9 (arr. by Liszt for 2 pf and by Czerny for 4 hands)

Bruno Bettinelli

B. Bettinelli

  • Sintesi

  • Sonatina da concerto (fl, pf)

  • Chopin Variations on a theme of Moore (arr. pf 4 hands)

Johannes Brahms

J. Brahms

  • Sonata n.2 op.2

  • Variations on a Theme by Paganini op.35

        (Book 1)

  • Three Intermezzi op.117

  • 6 Klavierstucke op.118

  • 16 Waltzes op.39 (piano 4 hands)

  • Hungarian Dances WoO1 (1-6) (pf 4)

  • Cello Sonata n.1 op.38

  • Violin Sonatas n.1, 2 & 3

  • Scherzo from FAE Sonata (vl, pf)

  • Trio n.1 op.8 (vl, vlc, pf)

  • Trio op.114 (cl, vlc, pf)

Alfredo Casella

A. Casella

  • Barcarola and Scherzo op.4 (fl, pf)

  • Pagine di guerra op.27 (pf 4 hands)

  • Sicilienne et Burlesque op.23 (fl, pf)

Frederic Chopin

F. Chopin

  • Etudes op. 10 nn. 1,2,3,4,5.8,9,12

  • Studies op. 25 n. 6-11-12

  • Mazurkas op.17 n.4 & op.50 n.3

  • Scherzo n.1 op.20

  • Preludes op.28 (complete)

  • Ballade n. 4 op. 52

  • Sonata n.3 op.58

  • Waltz in E minor op. posth

  • Piano Concerto n.1 op.11

Claude Debussy

C. Debussy

  • L'Isle Joyeuse L106

  • Etude n.5 (Pour les octaves)

  • Etude n.10 (Pour les sonorites opposees)

Franco Donatoni

F. Donatoni

  • Francoise variationen (I)

Gabriel Faure

G. Faure

  • Dolly Suite op.56 (pf 4 hands)

  • Violin Sonata n.1 op.13 (vl, pf)

  • Cello Sonata n.2 op.117 (vlc, pf)

Cesar Franck

C. Franck

Enrique Granados

E. Granados

  • Violin Sonata (vl, pf)

  • Goyesca n.4 op.11  "Quejas, o la Maya y el Ruisenor"

Edvard Grieg

E. Grieg

  • Poetic Tone-Pictures op.3

  • Violin Sonata n.2 op.13 & 3 op.45

Sofia Gubajdulina

S. Gubajdulina

  • Chaconne (1962)

  • Introitus (Piano Concerto)

Franz Joseph Haydn

F. J. Haydn

  • Piano Sonata Hob. XVI/52

Paul Hindemith

P. Hindemith

  • Flute Sonata (fl, pf)

Gyorgy Ligeti

G. Ligeti

  • "The Sorcerer's Apprentice", Etude n.10

  • "En Suspens", Etude n.11

  • "Infinite Column", Etude n.14

Franz Liszt

F. Liszt

  • Trascendental Etudes S139 nn.3,4,10

  • Sonata in B minor S178

  • Valses Oubliees S215 nn.1-2

  • Petrarch Sonnet n.123 S270

  • Paraphrase de concert sur Rigoletto S434

  • Beethoven Symphony n.9 (arr. 2 pf.)

Frank Martin

F. Martin

  • Piano Concerto n.1 op.11

Felix Mendelssohn

F. Mendelssohn

  • Variations Serieuses op.54

  • Piano Quartet n. op.1 (vl, vla, vlc, pf)

  • Cello Sonatas nn.1 & 2 (vlc, pf)

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

W. A. Mozart

  • Sonata.12 K332

  • 9 variations on a minuet by Duport K573

  • Piano Concerto n.13 K415

  • Piano Concerto n.23 K488

  • 6 Variations "Helas, j'ai perdu              mon amant" (vl, pf)

  • Piano Quartet n.1 K478 (vl, vla, vlc, pf)

Sergej Prokofiev

S. Prokofiev

  • Sonata n.8 op.84

  • Flute Sonata op.94 (fl, pf/vl, pf)

S. Rachmaninov

S. Rachmaninov

Maurice Ravel

M. Ravel

  • Prelude op.3 n.2

  • Six Moments musicaux op.16

  • Etude Tableau op.39 n.6

  • Cello Sonata op.19 (vlc, pf)

  • Gaspard de la Nuit

  • Left Hand Piano Concerto

  • Piano Trio (vl, vlc, pf)

  • Ma Mere l'Oye (pf 4 hands)

  • Rapsodie Espagnole (pf 4 hands)

Carl Reinecke

C. Reinecke

  • "Undine" flute sonata op.167 (fl, pf)

Camille Saint-Saens

C. Saint-Saens

  • Clarinet Sonata op.167 (cl, pf)


P. Sancan

  • Flute Sonatine (fl, pf)

Domenico Scarlatti

D. Scarlatti

  • Sonata in D major K96

  • Sonata in C minor K99

  • Sonata in D minor K141

Franz Schubert

F. Schubert

  • Drei Klavierstucke D946

  • Variations on "Trockne Blumen" D802 (fl, pf)

  • Sonata per Arpeggione e pianoforte D821 (vla/vlc, pf)

Robert Schumann

R. Schumann

  • Etudes after Paganini Caprices op.3, nn.2-4

  • Symphonic Etudes op.13

  • Fantasiestucke op.73 (cl, pf/vlc, pf)

  • Drei Romanzen op.94 (fl, pf)

  • Violin Sonata n.1 op.105 (vl, pf)

  • Marchenbilder op.113 (vla, pf)

Dmitri Shostakovich

D. Shostakovich

  • Cello Sonata op.40 (vlc, pf)

Alexander Skryabin

A. Skryabin

  • Etude op.12 n.8

  • Sonata n.5 op.53

  • Prometheus: the Poem of the Fire (piano concerto)

Richard Strauss

R. Strauss

  • Violin Sonata op.18 (vl/fl, pf)

Igor Stravinksy

I. Stravinsky

  • Three Movements from Petrushka

Karol Szymanowski

K. Szymanowski

J. Suk

  • Violin Sonata op.9 (vl, pf)

  • Mythes op.30 (vl, pf)

  • Piano trio op.2 (pf, vl, vla)

Sigismund Thalberg

S. Thalberg

  • Fantasia on Rossini's "Moses" op.33

Anton Webern
Charles Marie Widor

C. M. Widor

  • Suite for flute and piano op.34 (fl, pf)

A. Webern

  • Piano Quintet op. posth. (vl, vl, vla, vlc, pf)

Joseph Suk
Anton Webern

P. Vladigerov

  • Vardar Rhapsody (vl, pf)

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